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What a beautiful! Shizuoka City

There are so many beautiful places from mountain to ocean,every season in Shizuoka City. Created in 2017.
shitty stuffs : Maruko's city!
Abraham Serafino : iyaa.... natsukashiku tamaranai!
ENITX : I will do the same thing like this
: What a beutiful duwang
Loic Sainz : 行きたいです(≧∇≦)

【4K】⛰️Walking around Shizuoka Station (静岡駅) in Aoi Ward, Shizuoka, Japan

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⛰️I was walking around Shizuoka Station in the city of Shizuoka (静岡市), Aoi Ward (葵区), Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡県), Japan (日本).

Basically, I walked around the north exit area and south exit area of the station.

The city of Shizuoka is the capital of Shizuoka Prefecture and has 690,881 population. It’s the second-largest city in the prefecture.

Shizuoka Station is served by Tokaido Shinkansen which is Japanese bullet trains and Tokaido Main Line which is Japanese railway lines. It’s located about 180 kilometers from Tokyo.

By a bullet train, it just takes one hour for a ride from the Tokyo area.

It’s about 19 minutes to walk. I enjoyed it a lot. Please check it out!

It’s in Japan took by Apple iPhone XS Max 【4K video Dual OIS Dual 12MP rear cameras】

️Recording Date: August 2020
The place where I walked around on the google map below the link,138.3867093,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x601a49f9fe2a0c5f:0x9dd547860b23cb0b!8m2!3d34.9717458!4d138.388898

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This video contains binaural audio. If you wear headphones, you can get the best experiences which all city noise or any environmental sound. You feel like exactly be there! Try it on!

And also this is the link below for Japan’s rural areas of videos from our playlist.
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Epic Moments N&A : Beautiful and interesting experience! great time! thank you for sharing! ✌
Vietnam Walking TV : enjoyed your walk, thanks my friend
Ambient Walking : Such a rush to watch this! Love it! Thanks!
TIS Media Travel & Walk Videos : Hopefully, you enjoyed my walk at Shizuoka Station (静岡駅) in Aoi Ward, Shizuoka, Japan.
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Japan Shizuoka city walking 시즈오카 静岡市

Japan Shizuoka city walking video
Brian Brando Galapin : ganda ng place maganda din ang content
MUKHIYA VLOG : I love the shizuoka
Na Fiz : really wants to visit japan




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