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The Dirty Truth About MRSA

When MRSA comes up in conversation, it doesn’t get a positive reception. The ultimate yuck factor - the mere mention of it makes our skin crawl.

“Well contamination, infection, something gross,” says Evan Derby.

Evan Derby spends much of his day at a computer keyboard. The dirty truth is MRSA may be there, too, frequently found on frequently touched surfaces. In fact 40% of us have the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on us right now. MRSA is an antibiotic resistant strain of this bacteria; it can live undetected on our skin for a long time.

“Probably I’m colonized with MRSA because I see so many patients. A lot of people are colonized with MRSA. We are colonized and nothing happens. So you could be carrier of MRSA and have, live a normal life,” says Dr. Pranav Shah, who is an infectious disease specialist with Lee Memorial Health System.

MRSA likes things warm and fuzzy.

“MRSA usually stays in moist, hairy places: nose, axillary, groin region,” says Dr. Shah.

Just because it’s all around us doesn’t mean MRSA is harmless. It can lead to severe antibiotic resistant infections. Spread through contact, you can pick it up from touching a compromised person or object like a computer, door knob or gym equipment. To get a reaction the bug has to have an entry point into your body.

“If there is a skin breakdown and it has a portal of entry then it gives you an infection,” says Dr. Shah.

Cleaning and covering cuts may prevent infections, which can range from a boil or abscess to severe, even life-threatening sickness. The best defense is hand-to-hand combat.

“The best thing you can do is hand washing. Hand washing, hand washing, hand washing,” says Dr. Shah.

Armed with this knowledge, Evan is soaping up and trying to stay hands-off.

“I’d touch things a whole lot less, that’s for sure,” says Derby.

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Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we’ve been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries.

Harold Melvin : I almost died last week and ended up having to have toes removed from this very illness; Please educate yourselves, be aware, and stay safe.
Ciara Savage : I had this when I was a baby
phoebe mcclure : I had it on my thighs. Worst time of my life. I had to pretend like i could walk fine at school. I had to quit my running club. Sitting was definitely the worst part though
Dr Maya :
Nessly : I think I got MRSA a while back. It was a series of right actions at the wrong times (cut in my scalp got exposed to the bacteria after I went to the gym). First got a haircut (bald fade which is basically down to the skin). I immediately went to the gym after the haircut. My hands touched dirty equipment. My hands touched my scalp that had just gotten a haircut (and possibly a cut). The affected skin was enflamed for weeks and it eventually turned into a sore throat that persisted. I eventually got wisdom teeth removed. The open wound allowed the infection to spread to the rest of the body. The same night of the surgery, I got super sick and fever / body aches. Following this, I had an infection in my lungs that required antibiotics from the doctor. I can say with high certainty that it was all related. If I didn't take the antibiotics, I don't think my body would have gotten rid of the infection in my lungs on it's own. I fought with the infection on my own for about 1.5 months w/ little to no improvement.
ᑎᑌ丅ᗴᒪᒪᗩ : I had Mrsa when I was 6, I almost died from a seizure from it.
Nikoli Marshale : I've been dealing with mrsa for 2 or 3 years now the first time I got it it was horrible swollen ankle it went away for a year and than came back and went away again and now it's back again but this time it's been going on 5 months they're not severe they're relatively small with the occasional big one I've tried everything silver, garlic steroid cream antibiotics it usually ends up coming back but with this job I have now I have no time to rest an heal and I'm always in the heat so I never get time to calm the growth I've recently eaten lemons tho and it seemed to help more than anything else I cleared up quite a bit in 2 days from eating lemons I'm considering rubbing lemons all over my body
Brandy Ma La joya : When you look at videos of anyone, see nose, face, ears, throat scratchy everything. Fact is phones, and anything have this and MRSA changed, it is like what I got, walking and flitting in air like a plasma and into any orifice it goes, it changed. It is a changeling high contagion. When it came out schools closed and clean-up required contagion suits. I got it, and it does endless harm. Its light stages lives on and in you. It will end up in your bones as arthritis, and in teeth as low lying infection, and can go to eyes as silent blindness, and loss of hearing, and kill the lymphatic system, it should nor have ever been called harmless at all,it is a zombie that kills as it sleeps, slowly seeping into anywhere, heart and brain. To the gut it is Pylori, to the throat it is Parotitis, to each area it gets a new name, and then it is called innocent. The sheer crime of the medical establishment, and its new low, caused by a insurance czar running health from an infected room full of low paid telemarketing styled business should allow you to scream, again, and then echo. That is if you can, because it is also listed as asthma, and heart illness. The names for MRSA Staph sounds okay, but it is why if you send the population to war they can't beat Russia, China, nor Mexico, nor anywhere, maybe they can beat Cuba whose healthcare is close to what is in USA, medical staff with limited knowledge, and limited desires to care with their Czar leading staph and staff. The end result I am sure is in this decade, zero population with healthy organs, and kiss your life at short lived to work, you will be ill. It eats your ability to use nutrients, and has a shell so hard that when you finally get it small enough, it swarms and then turns on the now inflamed inflammatory responses, so you take enough antihistamines to cause a failure in the rest of your lymphatic, and mastoids, and mine was called a mild case, and if yours is milder, it sits a while and soon the changeling is so many, including necrotizing fasciitis. What other mild contagions do we avoid curing?
Brianna C : I had it 5 years ago. Had 2 abscesses on my stomach. 1 was the size of a grapefruit. Only took a week. It started out as a little tiny red dot then turned into these massive necrotic abscesses. They actually had to put me under to drain then because they were so painful.
Groves : I have mrsa?




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